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What the hell, I’ll start now with the song below, “The Fatal Gift.” It doesn’t really sound at all like anything else we’re doing and stands alone. It’s unfinished but I like it enough the way it is to play it for you now. The question is, did I accidentally write a dark Christmas carol last summer? Looks like we’re about to find out.

xo emily

„Did I accidentally write a dark Christmas carol last summer?“ – Yes, Emily, you did and it’s just beautiful.

I absolutely loved Metric’s Fantasies album. I had trouble enjoying Synthetica as much as I loved the longplayers they made before, I just couldn’t connect to their new more synth pop driven style, too much 80ies, not enough rock. The Fatal Gift, it’s roughness, the unfinished touch that’s what makes me fall in love again with beautiful Metric.

„Hab ich letzten Sommer aus Versehen ein dunkles Weihnachtslied geschrieben?“ – Ja, Emily hast du und es ist einfach nur wunderschön.

Ich habe das Fantasies Album von Metric über alles geliebt. Mit dem Nachfolger Synthetica hatte ich so meine Probleme. Der neue Synth-Pop-Einfluß, war nicht so mein Fall. Zuviel 80ies, nicht genug Rock. The Fatal Gift, das Raue, Unfertige, ist genau das, was mich erneut in die wunderbare Band verlieben lässt.

Link: Metric


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