Free Mp3: Sky Larkin – Smarts


Gerade via Wichita Recordings-Newsletter ins Haus geflattert sind diese hübschen Turnübungen. Aus zeitlichen Gründen, lass ich die Band mal selber für sich sprechen:

“Smarts was recorded in one day in Wales with our Golden Spike amigo John Goodmanson. It just so happened that for 24hrs our paths crossed, so we decided to use the time to reignite our musical flame. It’s certainly the loudest number we’ve created, so as a counter point we also recorded an acoustic version of Matador back home in our Yorkshire writing space; The Crypt (NB, an actual crypt). This version of Matador features upright bass, downright slinky drums and a hundred year old pump organ with pleasingly wobbly pipes. We invite you to download them for free and hope to see you at a show this autumn before we go into hibernation to write Sky Larkin 2.0″ – Sky Larkin (Quelle: Sky Larkin Homepage)

Zum Download gelangt ihr hier.

Viel Spaß damit!

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