Die große IAMAMIWHOAMI Enthüllung: 19 April 2010

Wir trumpfen jetzt einfach mal auf und prophezeien, The Big Reveal erwartet uns am 19.04.2010 . Eine heiße Fährte führt  uns (zurück) zu Chris Cunningham.

In a rare live appearance, award-winning video artist Chris Cunningham heads up a dramatic audiovisual performance with some very special guests, Beak> and Jackson.
Cunningham presents a live multimedia AV show featuring remixed, unreleased and brand-new videos and music to create what promises to be an amazing spectacle.

With support from Sound and Music.

Laut electronicbeats.net erwartet uns eine geheimnisumwitterten, bildgewaltigen DJ/VJ-Performance. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Beak>, das Nebenprojekt von Portisheads Geoff Barrow.

Supported by members of the Warp stable old and new – LoneLady, Beak, Squarepusher and Jackson will all assist in providing musical accompaniment to the visual artist and, increasingly of late, music producer. Consisting of original and remixed music plus dramatic visuals, the show promises to include some „very special material“. However what that material might be or even what the show is called remains a mystery.

Schon das deutsche Schwestermagazin electronicbeats.de gab uns Recht, dass hinter iamamiwhoami nur Chris Cunningham stecken kann. Ob Aphex Twin wie von uns ursprünglich vermutet auch mit von der Partie ist, werden wir wohl erst im April erfahren. Die Show wird auch in Deutschland u.a. beim Melt Festival zu sehen sein.

Weitere Termine:

19. April 2010

22. April 2010  (Infos)

Royal Festival Hall Ether Festival
23 April 2010 (Info)

Support: Beak> (all dates), Lonelady (Manchester), Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher DJ set) (London) and Jackson (Brighton)


Den wichtigsten Hinweis auf Chris Cunnighams Urheberschaft hab ich im Wald vor lauter Bäumen übersehen. Laut Wikipedia plant Chris Cunningham „seit längerem eine Verfilmung des Buches Neuromancer von William Gibson. Die Arbeiten an diesem Projekt sind jedoch momentan bis auf Weiteres ausgesetzt worden.“

William Gibson ist auch Autor von Pattern Recognition (Mustererkennung), dieses Werk ist vielfach als Vorlage für die iamamiwhoami-Videos genannt worden. Zufall? Wohl kaum.

Noch mehr Hints enthält der englische Wikipedia-Beitrag:


In 2000, Cunningham and cyberpunk author William Gibson began work on the script for Gibson’s 1984 novel Neuromancer. However, because Neuromancer was due to be a big budget studio film, it is rumoured that Cunningham pulled out due to being a first time director without final cut approval.[citation needed] He also felt that too much of the original book’s ideas had been cannibalised by other recent films.[citation needed]

On November 18, 2004, in the FAQ on the William Gibson Board, Gibson was asked:
“ Q: Is it true there’s a movie of Neuromancer in the works?

A: Perpetually, it seems, and going on a quarter of a century now. The most recently rumoured version, to have been directed by Chris Cunningham, is now definitely not happening.[12]

In an August 1999 Spike Magazine interview, Gibson stated „He (Chris) was brought to my attention by someone else. We were told, third-hand, that he was extremely chary of the Hollywood process, and wouldn’t return calls. But someone else told us that Neuromancer had been his Wind In The Willows, that he’d read it when he was a kid. I went to London and we met.“ Gibson is also quoted in the article as saying „Chris is my own 100 per cent personal choice…My only choice. The only person I’ve met who I thought might have a hope in hell of doing it right. I went back to see him in London just after he’d finished the Bjork video, and I sat on a couch beside this dead sex little Bjork robot, except it was wearing Aphex Twin’s head. We talked.“[13]

It is rumoured that the character of Damien Pease in Gibson’s 2003 novel Pattern Recognition was based on Cunningham, with the character’s apartment featuring a female robot which had appeared in one of Cunningham’s videos.

Development funding was in place for Cunningham to direct and co-write his first feature film for Warp Films, with whom Chris was at the time committed to „for all future full-length film projects.“ He has since left Warp Films to set up his own production company ‚CC Co‘ to produce his films independently.

Somit dürfte iamamiwhoami nichts anderes als Cunninghams Verfilmung von Pattern Recognition sein. Produziert von seiner Produktionsfirma CC Co, die mehrfach bei den anstehenden Events genannt wird.


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