O-Töne – Nina Kinert

Über Musik zu palavern – alles schön und gut. Heute wollen wir eine Singer-Songwriter zu Wort kommen lassen, ihr mittels eines Fragebogens auf den Pelz rücken. Einfach einen unverkrampften Eindruck vermitteln, wie die werte Dame tickt. Die Rubrik nennen wir O-Töne. Damit der unverfälschte Eindruck gewahrt bleibt, werden wir diese O-Töne auch unübersetzt lassen. Diesmal haben wir der schwedischen Liedermacherin Nina Kinert Antworten entlockt. Ihr Anfang November in deutschen Breiten erschienenes Album Red Leader Dream gehört unserer bescheidenen Meinung zu den besten Veröffentlichungen des Jahres. Warum dem so ist, haben wir hier begründet. Doch nun quetschen wir Frau Kinert 14 Fragen lang aus…

Foto Credit: Anders Widlund

1.) Tell us two things we should know about you.

I love science fiction and fantasy and good music, I try to combine it.
I´m charming, but if I don´t get breakfast in the morning I become a monster.

2.) Is there any vice or passion worth neglecting music?


3.) If a good fairy offered you the Nobel Peace Prize or a Grammy, what would you choose?

The Nobel Prize, do you know I´d get like 10 million swedish bucks, so it´s a no-brainer!

4.) If your music turned into colors, which colors would that be?

Red, purple and blue, and a mix between pink and yellow, silver…

5.) Is there any instrument you despise?

I don´t like melodica very much.

6.) None of your fans would consider you a fan of this artist. Who is it?

Mariah C!

7.) You’re hanging out in a pub, all of the sudden they are playing one of your songs. How do you react?

I like it, but pretend I don´t.

8.) What’s you favorite line from your recent album? And why?

„see you now all wrapped up in honey, where the shores are white“.

It sounds sticky and warm.

9.) Is there any oldie you would love to get credit for?

I wish I had written Blue Bell Knoll by Cocteau Twins.

10.) Who have you been in your past life?

I was a male carpenter living in Alaska around the year 820. Maybe, I don´t remember…

11.) How would you start a conversation with a major label boss, if you were trapped with them in an elevator?

Going down, hey? (you saw that one coming right!?)

12.) Which sites do you visit to stay up-to-date with music?

I like booooooom.com, but they write more about all kinds of art.

13.) You’re returning home after a tour, what did you miss the most?

Waking up in my bed.

14.) What plans regarding music do you have for the next 6 months?

Evolve and have fun with it, as always.

Wir danken für die Antworten.




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