Der klingende Adventskalender: Türchen 6 – Door 6

Jill Sobule – Merry Christmas to The Family

Photo by Kristine Larsen

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Mal was Freches zur Abwechslung, das auch keines weiteren Kommentars bedarf. Jill Sobule besingt das Familienfest mit den mehr oder weniger üblichen Tücken.

Merry Christmas from the Family

Jill Sobule | Myspace Music Videos

Wie es zum vorliegenden Werk kam, beschreibt die Künstlerin selber am besten:

When I was on Atlantic, they asked me to do a Holiday song for their Holiday CD. I thought I should do a Hanukkah song since…no one else would -Jewell [sic!] and Kid Rock were on the label at the time. I wrote what I thought was a classic – „Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner“. The label felt it was not appropriate for some reason, and said instead I should find a nice Christmas song. And this was a company run by fellow Jews. I guess the Jewish conspiracy war on Christmas was not very strong at the time. Anyway, I was upset, mainly because I couldn’t think of an Xmas song that I really wanted to sing. I actually do like the standards, but would never ever try to outdo Burl Ives. My producers at the time introduced me to a song by Robert Earl Keene called „Merry Christmas From The Family“. My search was over.

I love this track. I wanted it very loose. I’m not sure if I asked the drummer to play like he was drunk or he was drunk. Check out the drumming on the last verse. I think he fell off his stool…really.

Dem ist meinerseits nichts mehr hinzuzufügen – außer, dass ich mich beim Hören wunderbar amüsiert hab und der Co-Blogger drauf bestand, dass nach all der Besinnlichkeit auch dieser ironische Song seinen Platz im Adventskalender findet. Den Download gibt’s auf Jill Sobules Hompage. Ebenso übrigens den vom Label verschmähten Song Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner.

Today we want to offer you something different from the often contemplative and festive songs in our Advent calendar. Jill Sombule offers a rather perky, quite amusing Christmas carol. Although I hesitated to feature it here, my dear co-blogger convinced me that an ironical tune now and then won’t harm the spirit of Christmas at all. You can download the song on Jill Sobules’s website. Furthermore you may enjoy the mocking Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner, a track the label didn’t approve for their Xmas collection.


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Ein Gedanke zu „Der klingende Adventskalender: Türchen 6 – Door 6

  1. Die Songs sind so lustig! Ich musste beim Jesus Song sofort an Cartman denken (South Park). „Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel“. LOL.

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