A special Christmas gift for Stubby’s House of Christmas

„Snow is falling gently“ here in Berlin, yes we do have a White Wonderland out there. It looks beautiful and christmassy. Sadly we can’t just head over to our dear neighbor Stubby and bring him some well deserved Christmas cookies. There’s a whole ocean between us, even worse before we could pack some of our homemade cookies into a parcel we already had eaten all of them. Stubby really deserves bettter friends, he’s been very supportive and a great inspiration for us. But we have something different do offer. Our most beautiful traditional Christmas carol. We won’t sing it for you because this wouldn’t be much of a pleasure but we will guide you through our Christmas Tradition. The song is called „Leise rieselt der Schnee“ (Snow is falling gently) and it’s about the exited feeling that the Christkind is near. When we were young we didn’t wait for Santa Claus, he had been fairly unknown at that time. It’s the Christkind that brings all the presents. When I was a kid, my parents took us on a walk through the snowy fields and woods, once we were back home we had to wait in front of the closed living door room till we heard a little bell ring. We then found all the gifts under the Christmas tree. I read some English languages sites online and most mistakenly believe that the Christkind is baby Jesus, that’s not the case. It’s a small angel-like girl, with long curly blond hair who keeps wandering through the woods to bring gifts to all children. I have found a very few modern interpretations of the song but will start with a classic from Austria (home of my dear boyfriend and co-blogger).


Sadly most German pop and rock artists do neglect Christmas Carols, though a very nice version done by Element of Crime can be found on Spotify. Christmas and traditional folk songs are mostly sung by „Schlager“ singers, a fairly unknown genre in the United States. It sounds a bit like very kitschy country (without being country) or heartfelt soul of tv casting shows canditates. I found a fairly odd kind of English version on Youtube by Austrian band Western Cowboys and once you have watched it you’ll know the difference between Schlager and Country. There are a few good „Schlager“ singers, one of which is Freddy Quinn, who did a nice version in 1964.

We even mangaged to find a folk-pop interpretation for you which is available as free download. Did I mention that German/Austrian artists are too cool and hip to produce Christmas music? Yes, they are. This song has been produced by members of the Canadian artist collective Badgerland and Stubby. if you are reading this and I know you will, don’t follow the link, way too much work for you waiting there.

I couldn’t find any proper English translation for the lyrics, here’s my try:

Snow is falling gently

Snow is falling gently,
frozen and quite rests the lake,
The forest shines festively,
Rejoice, Christkind is due to arrive.

Our hearts are filled with warmth,
there’s no sorrow and grief,
gone are the worries of life.
Rejoice, the Christkind is due to arrive.

Christmas eve is soon to come.
The angels choir is awaken,
listen, how lovely they sound.
Rejoice, Christkind is due to arrive.


Leise rieselt der Schnee (Weihnachtsgruß)

Leise rieselt der Schnee,
Still und starr liegt der See,
Weihnachtlich glänzet der Wald:
Freue Dich, Christkind kommt bald.

In den Herzen ist’s warm,
Still schweigt Kummer und Harm,
Sorge des Lebens verhallt:
Freue Dich, Christkind kommt bald.

Bald ist heilige Nacht;
Chor der Engel erwacht;
Horch nur, wie lieblich es schallt:
Freue Dich, Christkind kommt bald.

Written and composed 1895 by Eduard Ebel

I hope you like the song as much as I do.

Dinner for One

I promised some weirdness too. Here it is. In 1963 German TV station NDR produced the English languaged sketch Dinner For One, which became the most frequently repeated TV programme ever according to the Guinness Book of Records. Every year and I mean every year, every German and Austrian can’t celebrate New Years Eve without watching it at least once. Yes, we do know every single detail from the inside out and we enjoy it again and again and… again. Even though the whole world believes that we Germans are lacking humor, you should see us sitting in front of our TVs. Yes, long before lol , rofl or pmsl meant anything to anybody, that’s exactly what we did and still do. The sketch is still broadcasted with the original language and German subtitles. Happily it found it’s way to YouTube too:

Link: Wikipedia (Engl.)

Thank you Stubby for everything you do and for being such a lovely person.

Merry Christmas!

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2 Gedanken zu „A special Christmas gift for Stubby’s House of Christmas

  1. For me? Wow! Thank you! I’m really touched. (You probably can’t see that I’m blushing right now.) And so unnecessary, since you’ve already given me and everyone else so much this Christmas. Thank you for all you do, especially in the holiday season. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Merry Christmas, Brigitte and Christoph. Frohe Weihnachten. Well, that’s the extent of my German. That and „sauerkraut“, I’m afraid. Peace, joy, love, and a Happy New Year!

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