Free Mixtape: Very Adult Pleasures On Christmas


…innocent Santa just longing for his wife:

Subterranean Howl – Oh, Mrs. Clause (I Don’t Want to Lose You)

Link: Bandcamp


Mrs. Claus is feeling very very lonely….

Drive-by Truckers – Mrs. Claus‘ Kimono

Download at Christmas A Go Go


Santa is a very caring person, at least when it comes to other men’s wives….

Christmas In Bethlehem – Intro (Hands Off, Santa Clause)

It’s mafuckin‘ santa clause,
can’t keep his fucking hands off,
he’s trying to unwrap you,
he’ll try to fuckin grab you

Das Intro gehört zu dem ganz famosen A Very C​.​I​.​B. X​-​mas-Album, welches ihr euch kostenlos auf Bandcamp downloaden könnt.

The birds are doing it, Santa is doing it, the neighbors are doing it! But: Someone is not getting laid at Christmas….

The Diabolical Machines – Drinking Alone On Christmas

Link: Bandcamp


The sirens are calling…..

Lots of Love – Lover Man For Christmas

Link: Facebook

Vocal Alchemist – I Want Santa For Christmas

Link: Soundcloud

The Dollyrots – I saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus

Link: Noisetrade

Santa is swinging both ways…

The Anti-Queens – I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Link: Bandcamp


We all should stick to the Christmas Rules….

The Apple Sisters – Simple Christmas Rules

Free Download on Bandcamp


Have fun!


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