Red Sky July ft. Graham Gouldman (10CC) – Him And Christmas

Zugegeben, ich musste diesen Weihnachtssong 3-mal hören, bis ich ihn richtig gut fand. In der Profi-Sprache würde man sagen, der Song ist ein „Grower“. Ein Stück weit fasziniert war ich aber schon beim ersten Durchgang, sonst hätte ich ihn gleich wieder ausgeschaltet, wie schon unzählige Lieder vorher heute. Alt-Country mit einer gehörigen Prise Krautrock gewürzt, dies ist großes Kino. Nicht nur klanglich, sondern auch vom Storytelling her erinnert dies an David Lynch Filme. Hinter Red Sky July stecken das Ehepaar Ally Mcerlaine (ehm. Texas) and Shelly Poole (ehm. Alisha’s Attic) und Charity Hair (The Alice Band and The Ailerons). Für Him and Christmas haben sie sich als Verstärkung Graham Gouldman von 10CC mit ins Boot genommen.  Weiterlesen

Christmas in Neukölln rocks!

Ein großes Shoutout gebührt an dieser Stelle unseren Brüder im Geiste Stubby’s House of Christmas, Christmas Underground und Christmas A Go Go!. Wir trödeln in diesem Jahr. So richtig los geht’s auf Lie In The Sound erst am 1.12  – in diesem Jahr kehren wir zu alter Tradition zurück und es wird wieder einen musikalischen Adventskalender geben.


Dafür starten wir heute am ersten Advent mit besonders schönen Nachrichten. An Heiligabend ist Neukölln nicht nur das Zentrum der (Hipster-)Welt, NEIN, auch der Bauchnabel der alternativen Christmas Music. Seit 2008 arbeiten wir daran, dass auch in hiesigen Breiten mehr geschmackstaugliche Weihnachtsmusik erschallt, endlich, endlich haben wir es auch geschafft, dass die grandiose Doku „Jingle Bell Rocks!“ ihr Deutschland Debüt feiert. Ein ganz schön großer Schritt in Richtung „World domination“.

Ok, zugegeben, wir haben nur via PM dem Regisseur Mitchell Kezin berichtet, dass in Neukölln das erste Weihnachtsfilmfestival (aller aller Zeiten) stattfindet. Das war im Mai diesen Jahres. Zu unserer großen Überraschung und noch größeren Freude wurde Jingle Bell Rocks! zum Eröffnungsfilm des Festivals gewählt.  Weiterlesen

Stream: Clean Pete ft. Niek (Afterpartees) – Make it ‚till Christmas


This song has been sitting in my Christmas bookmark list for quite a while. Even though Christmas is almost over, it’s the kind of the perfect song for all the good people who are exhausted and happy that the exhausting days are over. To be honest the weeks before Christmas are stressful and if you aren’t as lucky as we are and your relatives live miles away, the holidays are rather an Iron men challenge than a Silent Night. Like my mother told me (for some years in a row): As long as you are not spending Christmas with your inlaws it’s fine that you don’t come over and visit me. That’s pure family logic. My mom and SomeVapourTrails‘ parents live 1000 km away from each other. We better stay in Berlin, cause visiting both would be hardly manageable. The only stress we have every year, well that’s finding the best new Christmas songs for our dear readers. This gem from Dutch artists Clean Pete and Niek (Afterpartees) had been recommended by Guuzbourg. A young couple singing about all the hope, the joy and lots of big and small challenges of the time before we finally celebrate. We here at Lie In The Sound are hoping we Make it ‚till Christmas season 2015. This will probably be my last Christmas music post in 2014. I have ton’s of great holiday music mixes send to me by other avid Christmas music lovers and I will probably need till Easter to listen to all the beautiful yet undiscovered gems. Until no one is doing a I Saw Mommy kissing the Easter Bunny song, we won’t turn into the new Easter music blog. I do promise.  Weiterlesen

Stream: Provo City Christmas Concerts


Christmas is almost over and it’s time to mothball all the Christmas tunes soon. It’s strange that we anticipate Xmas for at least four weeks, but on the eve of the 26th of December there’s an abrupt ending. One day later we start with all the preparations for New Year’s Eve. We are officially done with Christmas for another year! But hold on. Provided that the end of the world isn’t near and there’ll be another holiday season it makes sense to bookmark the Provo City Christmas Concerts playlist on YouTube for next year or even purchase the CD, which supports Sub for Santa, a Christmas charity that provides gifts for children, elderly, and disabled in the Utah County area. Local musicians from Utah have recorded new renditions of Christmas classics and many versions are quite remarkable. Joshua James for example, a singer-songwriter we’ve featured in the past, delivers a haunting version of We Three Kings, Madilyn Paige & Stephen Nelson contribute a classy interpretation of The First Noel, The National Parks accounts for the original folk song It’s Christmas, and I Like You. Auld Lang Syne, performed by Bat Manors, is another track that’s a perfect fit for end of the year celebrations. Christmas might be almost over, but these Provo City Christmas Concerts are definitely worth keeping in mind for next year’s Christmastime.


Free Mp3: Christmas John (Frightened Rabbit) – It Gets Cold


Thank you Stubby (head over to his page he has some more freebies from Christmas John for you)!

Lot’s of new Christmas songs have been released yesterday. Quite a surprise, a bit late? Or just right in time. Well, in Germany the Christkind brings the gifts on Christmas Eve (Heiligabend), the 25th and 26th of December are usually reserved for eating lots of unhealthy food, meeting friends & family and complaining about the bad tv program. Happily this year the new Christmas songs from Kasabian, Metric, Christmas John and some amazing Christmas mixes keep me from watching tv. BTW I have no idea about your TV program, here in Germany it’s always Die Hard (1-4), National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and Single Bells/ O Palmenbaum. The latter are German-Austrian movies which are surprisingly funny and enjoyable. Happily our dear friend Stubby works 24/7 to find the best Christmas tunes of this season. I think he never sleeps, maybe he’s the real Santa and there’s some special magic involved. He’s also right about telling us that we were wrong about complaining about the whole „no new Christmas classics since 20 years“. Actually there are some hot candidates for the (imaginary) „New Christmas Classics“-Award. Besides Low’s Christmas Album, Frightening Rabbit’s „It’s Christmas, So We’ll Stop“ already made it to the „shortlist“. And there are lot’s of Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs, but that’s another story. It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop has already been covered seversal times, the Only Objects version is quite nice, new and free.  Weiterlesen

Stream: Metric – The Fatal Gift


What the hell, I’ll start now with the song below, “The Fatal Gift.” It doesn’t really sound at all like anything else we’re doing and stands alone. It’s unfinished but I like it enough the way it is to play it for you now. The question is, did I accidentally write a dark Christmas carol last summer? Looks like we’re about to find out.

xo emily

„Did I accidentally write a dark Christmas carol last summer?“ – Yes, Emily, you did and it’s just beautiful.  Weiterlesen

Free Download: Black Apple Holiday Comp’14


Paper City – Merriest Carriage in the Bloom

I recently complaint about this Christmas music season not being complete, about missing something. Well, there are some beloved artists that I missed this year. I was quite disappointed when I noticed that Paper City had deleted their webpage and FB. Paper City had been one of the regular guests on this blog. Something to look forward to. Sadly we won’t getting any new material this year but we get a free download of Merriest Carriage in the Bloom which is taken from their 2013 release Sing Me A Carpenter Christmas. A big shout out to Santapalozza who pointed me at the new compilation which I failed to find earlier.  Weiterlesen

Stream: Kasabian – Bow Morning Zone for Christmas Day


Oh wow, one of my favourite bands do release a Christmas song and it doesn’t sound christmassy at all. I actually don’t care, I love Kasabian and the song is fucking good. There had been a lot of talk about a Christmas music project involving Idris Elba, comedian Noel Fielding and Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno. Well obviously what we were presented today is something completely different. Talk on the street: Some more Christmas goodies might pop up soon.

Loose Tapestries have a Christmas number on the way, destined for the second series of Luxury Comedy, and who knows, maybe the Christmas charts.

“Because it’s not too serious, we keep coming up with stuff like a Christmas song with Idris Elba rapping on it,” says the aptly named Noel. “It’s called Can’t Wait For Christmas To Come – it’s quite Sladey, but also it goes from Morrissey to Michael Jackson to hip-hop to The Beatles in one go. I think it’s going to be big, the alternative to the X Factor single.”

(Source)  Weiterlesen

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!


We love’d to thank all of you beautiful people who joined our journey through this year’s season. We are wishing you all the best, may all your wishes come true. As special Christmas gift we found some more obscure Christmas tunes for you. With great pleasure we proudly present the Neuköllner Nudler EP which has been recorded just around the corner and this Christmas I won’t even add jokes about hipsters. Most German musicians would rather cut their tongue out than recording a Christmas song but there are a few exeptions and just today we found a very unusuall math-rock interpretation of the traditional carol O du Fröhliche.

Wir möchten uns bei allen wunderbaren Menschen bedanken, die uns auf unserer Reise durch die Adventszeit begleitet haben. Wir wünschen euch das Allerbeste – und dass all eure Wünsche wahr werden. Als besonderes Weihnachtsgeschenk haben wir noch ein paar obskure Weihnachtsklänge für euch gefunden. Mit großer Freude präsentieren wir euch die Neuköllner Nudler, deren EP hier um die Ecke aufgenommen wurde, dieses Mal unterlasse ich auch Scherze über Hipster. Die meisten deutschen Musiker würden sich eher die Zunge herausschneiden lassen, als einen Weihnachtssong aufzunehmen. Zum Glück gibt es Ausnahmen. Heute haben wir ganz frisch eine sehr ungewöhnliche Math-Rock-Version von O Du Fröhliche entdeckt.

æ – O Du Fröhliche