Free Download: XO For The Holidays Vol. VII


Christmas is almost here and our job is nearly done. We’ve cherry-picked those we like most among all new Christmas songs out there, we’ve tried to spread the word. Based on my observations there are a lot of Christmas tracks available, but most of them are pretty uninspired covers or rather boring original material. It seems that we have to dig deeper each year to find exceptional Xmas tunes. But on the other hand there are annual contributions that reliably satisfy Christmas music enthusiasts. For the seventh time there’s a compilation called XO For The Holidays. Volume VII offers once again a good mix of interesting renditions of classics and new tracks, Pat Kearns delivers a stripped version of Low’s Just Like Christmas, Alejandra O’Leary translates the good old Spector sound into indie rock (Baby Please Come Home) and Hawks Do Not Share thrill with Christmas Eve, Montmartre.The latter is a great thoughtful snap-shot of a vague longing. XO Publicity is a PR firm from Portland that year in, year out knows how to make the season a bit brighter. We definitely like to hunt down new Xmas music, but it’s good to know that sometimes good music is just a bookmark away. (For more details of Volume VII I suggest to read the blog post on Stubby’s House of Christmas.)