Stream: Young War: Winter In The City

Young War Winter In The City

Unser lieber Freund Jim von Christmas Unterground feiert heute auf seinem Weihnachtsblog die Premiere der neuen Christmas Single von Young War. Entgegen des eher martialisch klingenden Bandnamens, liefert uns das Duo aus Manchester einen sehr melancholischen R&B-Track mit shoegazigen Gitarrenklängen.  Weiterlesen

Young War – I Won’t Come Back For Christmas (I’m Serious)


We definitely don’t want to sugarcoat the fact that there’s a dark side of Christmas, something beyond love, peace and harmony. Christmas is also the perfect time for emotional blackmail, it’s an opportunity to escalate family feuds or to break up relationships. Somehow tears are bigger on Christmas Eve. I Won’t Come Back For Christmas (I’m Serious) hides a threat behind a sweet melody. It’s the end of a relationship, it’s time to burn one’s bridges („Each time I hear your name/ I just don’t feel the same„). There’s nothing wrong with a song which describes a scenario taken from real life. But Xmas tunes mostly tend to turn out well. Even this song manages to end placably: „I’m just trying to freak you out/ Cos when it comes down to Christmas/ There’ll always be us„. So everything seems to be a shot across the bows. That’s a nice twist! I Won’t Come Back For Christmas (I’m Serious) is a song by Young War, a Manchester based R&B and Soul singer-songwriter. (via Christmas A Go Go!)